Awesome templates for Google Sites

Discover New Google Sites examples. Create a website without hosting, developers or designers.

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google sites templates

No hosting

Hosted on Google Drive.

Easy to customise

It's drag-and-drop. No coding.

Quick start

You need only Gmail to get started


Adapts to any device by default.

google sites templates

Website that doesn't bother

  • No hosting. With Google Sites, you don't need to worry about hosting because it lives on your Google Drive.

  • No development. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, you can change the look and feel of your website without coding.

  • No designer. Design is ready! But if you want to add some flair to your website, Google provides all the tools needed.

Websites for book writers

Are you a book writer? Find the website template for your genre: fantasy, sci-fi, for children, non-fiction. Every author needs a website - the one that doesn't distract from writing.

google sites templates

google sites templates

Create a personal website

Tell the world about who you are and what you have to offer! Create a personal website with awesome Google Sites and share your skills, advice, images, documents, or anything else.

All you need is Gmail.

All you need is Google Mail

You already have everything you need to create a fast and mobile-friendly website - Gmail. All services and tools from the Google family are connected and accessible with a single key - Google Mail.

google sites templates

google sites templates

It's mobile

All awesome Google Sites templates are mobile-friendly. Even if you edit the layout, it will automatically adjust to the mobile screen and will look awesome.

Copy, edit, launch

It takes only three steps to get your website up and running after the purchase:

  • copy the theme

  • edit the text and images

  • launch our website

google sites templates

google sites templates

Need a domain?

Buy best domains without leaving Google ecosystem. Find your place online with Google Domains.

First-class support

Using Google tools means getting Google support. Do you have questions? Google has all the answers.

google sites templates

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