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What Is Google Sites Used For: Google Sites Use Case Ideas

Google Sites is a website builder offered by Google. If you're familiar with other online platforms such as WordPress or Wix, you might think of Google Sites as something like it, but more tailored to businesses and web-based teams.

Many businesses or organizations use Google Sites to share information, collect ideas, collaborate on projects, and so on. If you already use other Google products and find them useful for a company or organization with which you work, Google Sites may be another tool in your digital toolkit. Here's what you need to know about it.

Google Sites In Brief

Google Sites is a Google Workspace app, which includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and other corporate productivity apps. Anyone with a Google account can use and access Google Workspace for free.

To make a new website, open Google Sites and select the "+" sign to create a new site. If you don't already have a Google Account, you'll need to establish one before using Sites.

Google Sites control panel

Google Sites control panel where you add blocks and customise design.

What Google Sites Can Do

You can create a website using Google Sites without having to know how to code.

Google Sites has site-builder tools that make it simple and straightforward to build your site the way you want, just like other platforms such as WordPress.com and Tumblr. You may also include "gadgets," such as calendars, maps, spreadsheets, presentations, and other widgets to improve the usefulness of your website.

You may personalize a theme and customize it as you desire for a professional-looking website that works well on all desktop and mobile devices.

What Google Sites Can Be Used For (6 Use Cases)

Google Sites provides a lot of possibilities for making your website distinct and personalized. However, if you were thinking about establishing an online shop, you may discover that other platforms are more appropriate, such as Shopify or Ecwid, for example.

The wonderful thing about Google Sites is that you have control over who may and cannot access your site. With just a few clicks, you can easily grant external visitors or restricted editing privileges to certain users using Google Sites.

#1 Corporate website

The first thing Google Sites allows you to create is a business website or intranet. After all, Google Sites provides everything you need to create a simple yet attractive and mobile-optimized website for your business. You may build a multi-page website that features deep-level navigation and displays your brand, services, goals, and contact information.

If you own or work for a small company that doesn't require a sophisticated website, Google Sites will get you up and online in no time so you can start generating leads.

#2 Personal website

If you're not a business, it's the same deal. If you want to get your name out there and have people find you on the internet, go grab Google Sites right now and in a few hours (or less) you'll be looking at a stunning website with your name and photo on the cover.

You'll benefit the most if you are an expert, influencer, speaker, coach, or if you offer your services locally.

#3 Online portfolio

Illustrators, photographers, artists, and designers have long understood that their success is dependent on their digital presence. Having an online portfolio has become the norm for creators to exhibit their abilities. What's the purpose? To acquire more clients, of course! Yes, you must have consumers in order to profit.

Without a technical background, photographers, designers, and artists may easily get their work online using Google Sites. You won't have to worry about hosting, file storage, or domain administration either — it's all taken care of by Google. And you already have everything you'll need to be part of it — just log into your Gmail account.

#4 Local business website

Do you run a little local company such as a bookstore, healthcare studio, barbershop, gym, plumbing service, cafe, repair shop, florist, car wash, or event business and you don't have a website? Why?

Google Sites takes the hassle out of creating a website, allowing you to get online with ease and style. It solves all of your problems if cost, complexity, or a lack of time have kept you from going online. You may easily establish a neat, informative, beautiful website that is also mobile-friendly!

Finally, you can claim your home online and welcome new customers. The only thing you'll have to pay for is the domain name if you decide to have one. You can purchase it from Google. But this is not mandatory to publish a website.

#5 Community

Do you have followers? What about fans? But do you have your own online cave where you can share photos with your friends and talk about anything you want? Instagram or Facebook are both nice choices, but there's a catch: You don't control your profile. You must follow the rules, standards, and advice. You can't tell what you truly believe in without being watched. Your followers can't either. Make a mistake and your profile, material, and community will be removed in a matter of seconds.

You'll need your own website to have your own place where you can establish the rules, get together with your pals, and do (almost) anything you want. Google Sites is a simple platform that allows you to create a community website, share photos and videos, publish articles, collect comments, and just party!

With Google Sites collaborative feature, you can share access to trusted people and run your website together with your friends. It's not harder than sharing a Google Doc!

#6 Indirect ecommerce

Last, but not least, you can sell things on Google Sites. However, indirectly.

Google Sites does not have a built-in ecommerce feature and can't accept payments, it allows you to showcase your products and send traffic to the place where they can be purchased — to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

One can ask why sell on a website if you sell on Amazon? Especially in this strange manner. And I will answer: the more — the better! Why limit yourself to one traffic channel when you can have two?

Your product pages will look even better if you use Google Sites! They'll have more information and pictures. You can modify the layout and navigation of your site. You may produce articles for your site, as well as generate organic traffic. Is this possible on Amazon?

And remember? You rule this place.

This strategy works best for book writers.

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