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Why Google Sites Are Awesome For Building An Author Website

There're plenty of website builders that can help you build an author website to sell your books online. But there's one I personally prefer for many reasons. Especially being a book writer myself.

Google Sites are simple to use, don't require coding skills, you don't have to deal with hosting and it's free. Let's dig into it a little deeper.

If you're still not sure you need a website, learn why book writers need websites.

Google Sites Are Free

To use Google Sites you don't have to pay anything. It also doesn't have hidden payments for using some parts of the builder. The only thing that you may want to purchase is a custom domain, although Google Site will provide you with a free one. You can buy your new domain from Google Domains. Very convenient.

You Don't Need Hosting

Being a part of the Google tools family Google Sites doesn't require hosting at all. It lives on your Google Drive as a regular file. You can move it around the drive and make copies to backup the website.

You Don't Need Coding Skills

Google Sites is a drag-and-drop website builder which means you need to move elements around with a mouse to build a website page. Changing styles and typography is also intuitive and doesn't need a technical background.

Zero Maintenance

Google Sites don't distract you from writing books. Once published, it can live without maintenance, updates, security checks. And you can focus on writing books.

One Account For Everything

One of the best things about building websites with Google Sites is that you don't need anything but your Gmail. You don't have to create accounts, remember passwords, and worry about their security. One Google account for everything.

Your Website Looks Awesome!

Google Sites makes your website look awesome on any device. You have to create only a desktop version and Google will turn it into a mobile version automatically.

Learn how you can build a perfect author website with Google Sites.

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