Google Sites for book writers

Don't waste your time on building and maintenance. Edit and update easily. Explore website templates built by book writer for book writers.

Save time

You're a book writer, not a web developer. Launch a pre-built website in minutes.

Easy to manage

You need only Gmail to get started. Edit the template content and publish.

Get found online

Every book writer needs a home online. That's where readers will search for them.

For any device

Your website will adapt to any device automatically. And it will look amazing.

Why book writers need websites?

Things to do with your website if you're a book writer:

  • Sell your books

  • Make announcements about upcoming releases

  • Communicate with your fans

  • Get found by new readers

  • Schedule meetings with readers

Google Sites are awesome for book writers

Creating a website with Google Sites is easy and cost-effective. It's simple to manage, quick to launch, and mobile-friendly. All you need to create your personal website online is Gmail.

For any genre

Find the website template for your genre: fantasy, sci-fi, for children, non-fiction.

All you need is Google Mail

You already have everything you need to create a fast and mobile-friendly website - Gmail. All services and tools from the Google family are connected and accessible with a single key - Google Mail.

Quick start

It takes only three steps to get your website up and running after the purchase:

  • copy the theme

  • edit the text and images

  • launch your website

Need a domain?

Buy best domains without leaving Google ecosystem. Find your place online with Google Domains.

The best Google Sites templates for book writers