Websites for non-fiction writers

Create a website in the most practical and efficient way. Don't waste time and money on the development, design, maintenance, hosting, and security. It's all included.

Quick launch

Copy file to Google Drive, edit text and images, launch a website.

Effortless customisation

Edit the website like a Google Doc with a mouse and drag-and-drop.


Your website will adapt to any device automatically.

Official touchpoint

Your readers are online. Get where they are to get closer.

Google Sites are awesome for non-fiction writers

Creating a website with Google Sites is easy and cost-effective. It's simple to manage, quick to launch, and mobile-friendly. All you need to create your personal website online is Gmail.

  • Sell your books

  • Talk to your fans

  • Get found by new readers

  • Make announcements about upcoming releases

  • Schedule meetings with readers

Templates for non-fiction writers

Find the website template that works for your audience.

Don't get distracted

  • No hosting. With Google Sites, you don't need to worry about hosting because it lives on your Google Drive.

  • No development. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, you can change the look and feel of your website without coding.

  • No designer. Design is ready! But if you want to add some flair to your website, Google provides all the tools needed.

Quick launch

Get your website up and running after the purchase:

  • copy the template to your Google Drive

  • edit the text and images

  • launch your website

All you need is Google Mail

You already have everything you need to create a fast and mobile-friendly website - Gmail.

The best website templates for non-fiction writers